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candle beasts of mossy depths
drowning in their own dwellings
hollow eyes, black
over crypts of heavy doom
twisting slowly
the cemetary turns, grotesque
fading into the portal
tonight in the foreign star light

hollow eyes
like a failed summoning
sucking in the cold air
amidst a cacophony of wings upon wings
in the rain of feathers, and falling angels
burning india paper
tear streaming mist
Walking through the high grass, I made my way to the edge of the green hedged forest. Massive and intimidating, the straight trees seemed to stretch on forever. Gold light playing through them from sunrise... casting abnormal and oblong shadows through its suffocating depths.

The fog rolled and swirled occultly around each step I planted, as I attempted to invade its thick dominion. Though only being fog, it felt like quicksand, slowly impeding and pulling me down.
As I contemplated it's swamping effects I became ominously aware of a bare circle on the forest floor.An unorganic area that this lethargic foe seemed unable to invade. As if against a barrier the gloom created a perfect circle. My destination at last... where my friend,the demon, sleeps.

"Demon friend! I've come to speak to you!" I shouted.

The fog turned to mist, and seemed to flee from the circle in quivering waves, until a grotesque claw ripped up out of the soil. The wretched ally of mine emerged from the earth one appendage at a time. First, the claw... attached to a bony slithering arm with unhuman joints. Then his head, peering out with large black voided eyes and a thin, long, jaw. His hair was black and scraggled, hanging in knots all the way down his bony, unnaturally curvy spine. Finally ending at a set of abymal joins in his legs. Just above the bottom of a torn, black robe. The clung to his otherworldly skeleton just barely.

My companion peered into my soul, and spoke smooth whispered words.

"Straaaannnger, years and years too long."
He then took his dead stare away from me and examined the morning light.

Typical, he spoke minimally and only seemed to say the most important words.

"Sargantas, why do you sleep? Whatever happened to, no rest for the wicked?"

The demon glared at me once more, no rest for the wicked was something Sargantas always used to say. He would assist me, and stay with me all through the night. Fighting the crusaders. When I too, was a demon.

"I've come for the promise." I spoke. Savouring those unused words of which I waited so many centuries to breathe.

My demon cocked his head and blinked those big dark eyes. I stared back into the abyss. It is true that if you stare into it long enough it stares into you.

My legs felt heavy, and the blood in my veins seem to quiver. I felt so sleepy. Then I was watching (my) body. Though big dark eyes, as it wondered and dissapeared in the morning fog.

...and the ground hungrilly soaked up my new disturbing personage. AS my demon walked away in my body. The conditions of our deal complete.

Four hundred years for me, four hundred years for you.

where upon I stopped still.
and touched a hand to cold water.

running the water through my hair.
feeling its wakefullness frigidly dancing down my face
and dripping off my eyebrows
running down my beard

remembering the frozen vistas,
that I could once see all around.

long forgotten, soothing passions.
of darkness and strange imagination


a pulsing heart under dead flesh.
soul still inside.

they walk.

they see.

(and conclude)

I am just a man.
standing by a river
playing in the water

wasting time


A. Octo
Artist | Literature
United States
I write.

Favourite genre of music: Black Metal/Industrial/Noise/Doom
Favourite style of art: Surreal, Terror

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